When George Forss opened his art gallery in1989 he faced a problem: he simply didn't know what would sell.  His solution?  Let the public speak for itself.  Forss instituted an open door gallery, accepting virtually any artist who asked for Ginofor Gallery representation. 
     Now, twenty one years later, he continues in like manner.  He permits artists new to his gallery to leave a few of their art works on display and monitors the public's reactions.  If there's a lack of interest, Forss tells that to the artist, if there is interest by the public, Forss conveys that, also,  and keeps the painting in the gallery, sometimes for years.  "If there's interest, the painting will sell one day." Forss says. 
      Always documenting sales so artists see the purchase price in black and white, freely giving the artist the name and address of the buyer, issuing receipts for whatever the artist leaves at the gallery, Forss has earned the trust of artists.
      Because of this sterling reputation, the very best artists of the region also decide to place their art works with George Forss.  Such well known plein air artists as Lynne knobel, George Van Hook, David Hatfield, Harry Orlyk, Maiga Linnolt, Mark Tougias now show at Ginofor Gallery, Forss's shop.
      Forss represents his own photography, making silver gelatin fine art B%W prints and digital prints with archival inks.  
Forss  wants to have fun with his store and he does !     
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